Zanzibar Queen – The most beautiful and private place on Zanzibar

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ZanzibarQueen Hotel is the absolute best eco-green luxury spa and hotel on Zanzibar, an island off the coast of East Africa, well known for its beauty, with breathtaking sights of the flourishing lush and the crystal clear ocean; amazing coral reef, blue lagoons, and an ever flora await! Visit the best place for tropical vacation enthusiasts, where you can scuba-dive, swim in the astonishingly beautiful water and have a rest from the everyday life. Zanzibar is perfect for satisfying the excitements, as well as for a quiet unwinding. Want to learn more about the history and culture of this paradise island? Visit us! Taste the extraordinary meals and get away from your work and everyday life and let us take a good car of you. If you you want to experience the best Zanzibar hotel, combining comfort, luxury and privacy, we guarantee that you chose the best place possible! Our hotel in Zanzibar is a piece of paradise, perfect for honeymooners, couples or celebrities looking for intimacy, privacy and beautiful views.

The comfort of our Guests is of greatest importance to us. We are dedicated to suit the needs of even the most sophisticated tastes. Everything we do is to make you feel absolutely special in any way. All of our villas are designed to give you the sense of intimacy and privacy. All of them have access to a separate, peaceful beach of your own. We have all the confidence in our Zanzibar hotel living up to all the expectations of the most demanding Guests looking for quality. Don’t hesitate! Come for a stay, relax, unwind and enjoy the tropical paradise! What we have to offer, no other Zanzibar hotel can give you. You are most welcome here!

Taste our exceptional cuisine, explore the island, learn about the history and culture of Zanzibar and experience the magical atmosphere and freedom of our quiet, magnificent and unique resort. Welcome to peace and quiet of your private paradise!