Luxury and Privacy

Taste our exceptional cuisine, explore the island, learn about the history and culture of Zanzibar and experience the magical atmosphere and freedom of our quiet, magnificent and unique resort. Welcome to peace and quiet of your private paradise!
Right outside of each private villa, you will find a lovely private gazebo draped in a flowing canopy. All that to give you the perfect place to enjoy the warm evening breezes and gaze at the bright stars, falling asleep in the exotic paradise. All of the Villas living areas and bedrooms have amazing panoramic sea views. Zanzi Resort is ensuring the ultimate comfort of our Guests on every step of your stay.

Eco Green Resort

We are the only real eco-friendly resort in Zanzibar and we have implemented a special thermal isolation technology to protect our Guests from the excessive heats.
Each building on our premises has been constructed with only the local materials. We have produced used special bricks to ensure a good ventilation and shield the interiors from the tropical heats. Our resort is the only one on the island that has the styrofoam isolation installed on the roof. We have our own biological treatment plant, where the waste water is filtered in. We have planted many local umbrella trees to protect our Guests and gardens from the sun in a natural way. We have installed the sensor movement switches to be sure of the economical use of the electricity. We are also committed in supporting the local community, as we work with local artisans and producers, employ local staff and purchase all products, furniture and equipment locally.
We are a member of If you want to know more about our Eco Promises please click the icon in the bottom of the home page.